Pasta Herb Mix

Quick & Delicious 

How would you enjoy the best pasta sauce in no time?

In a pan, mix 1/2 a cup olive oil with 2 Pasta herb mix cubes, I garlic cube and 1 basil cube, salt and pepper – pour on cooked pasta and… enjoy!


Our Pasta herb mix contains an accurate measure of oregano, basil, rosemary and other herbs, which enable you to create surprising, delicious meals time and time again. I t could be the sauce on your pasta of choice… or the hot, crispy pizza with its melted cheese and vegetables… or the lightly toasted garlic bread… the possibilities are endless!


Great in the Italian Kitchen 

  • Pasta sauces may vary as much as your imagination allows, and Dorot's cubes add a great taste to them all.
  • Same is true for pizzas in endless tastes, sauces and toppings.
  • And don't forget to add a cube or two to your antipasto for a super great taste!



  • Thanksgiving dinner at Italian-American homes will not be called a proper dinner if there's no lasagna at the table.
  • According to Italian tradition, if you make a wish when you eat something for the first time, it will surely come true.
  • Italy was already a wine producer thousands of years ago, in the days of the Etruscans. Today, Italy is one of the leading wine producers in the world.


Health Facts 

  • Italian food is noted for its use of fresh ingredients, not processed or preserved.
  • A true Italian meal will include all the essential food elements.
  • A connection was found between eating Italian food and a lower cancer rate.


Dorot's Pasta Herb Mix 

Dorot's Italian Herbs are picked and chopped while still fresh, so that you may find the mix, fresh and tasty, in the leading marketing chains' freezers. Like all Dorot products, the Pasta Herb Mix tray gives you simply the best of all worlds: excellent flavor together with top availability, convenience and efficiency. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…


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